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powerblock 50 review

Here's my straight bar with the total max weight of 195 lbs! Users were pleased with PowerBlock is a well known and well-respected brand in the fitness business. Lastly, you could try contacting PowerBlock directly to see if they know of any distributors who may still carry these. Powerblock sport vs. elite is a comparison of essential home and gym dumbbells. You must then reposition and tighten the collar before moving to the other side of the dumbbell to change that side. Accompanying Accessories & Complementary Equipment, "I Need to Do More Research Before Making a Decision. Hey Mike, I recently purchased the Kettleblock handle, the newer model no longer allows the add-on weights . The numbers at the end of each name are the weight that model goes up to. When I originally wrote this article years ago, I hadn't bought any PowerBlock dumbbells. We have previously written about the the power block dumbbells in our article the best adjustable dumbbells on the market which is definitely worth taking a look at if you are unsure which brand to go for.There are a number of dumbbell models available under the PowerBlock banner, with the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells being among the most popular. I was hoping to find info about the Elite 2020 , which seems to be not compatible with the “regular” elite. The PowerBlock Elite, however, is easy to grip and gentle on the palm. ‘EXP’ models start at 50 lbs. Of course, it still works great, the math is just off if you have any other compatible model. It's the one that I bought for myself, and I'm very happy with it. The Elite USA is made in the USA. I want to ask you about the stand. Is it long enough in order to bench press? :/, PowerBlock only ships within the US. However, this design flaw has been fixed on all other PowerBlock dumbbell models, which now have all been upgraded to the "open handle" design, shown below: Lastly, the pillars prevent you from using the traditional grip for dumbbell triceps extensions (though you can work around this by gripping any two adjacent pillars). It scares me to think the adder weights might drastically throw off the balance (especially with just one installed). After all, it wouldn't make sense for the Pro Series, which is the best overall and most expensive model, to have the shortest warranty. And one of the best priced options that PowerBlock offers. ...The Ironmaster dumbbells, which I also own, are unquestionably the only formidable competitor of the PowerBlocks. The heavier urethane sets (i.e. We managed to get our hand on a set powerblock Elite 50 dumbbells to review. However, the Classic 50 can only be expanded to a maximum of 70 lbs. This is a prudent strategy if you have a tight budget for your initial purchase. A balanced structure, combined with a padded handle, makes each unit suitable for people suffering from a wrist or hand injury. Composed of integrated adjustable weights, PowerBlock dumbbells sets are comfortable and easy to use. New kettlebell products may be coming in near future, but I don't know any specifics. NOTE: The weight guide sticker on the KettleBlock is only accurate if you're using it with the Pro 50. Thank you for the detailed reviews on all PowerBlock series. I’ve never picked up PowerBlocks before (no store close to me carries them) so I’m not sure how it feels. I have the Powerblock u-50 with expansions to 90. But this is just one factor consider, and a relatively unimportant one. No problem, Samuel. Expansion kits are available for the Classic 50. Powerblock dumbbell offers great weight distribution, at least with more weight added to the block-the higher the weight the better the distribution. That said, it's still desirable to have a dumbbell stand to safely and efficiently rack the dumbbells between sets, and to store them when not in use. BASED ON heavier lift movements. August 10, 2007 CVTECH GROUP brings you its new POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley in both calibrated and uncalibrated versions. I see they are compatible with my older urethane models, so I plan on investing in both bars. Also, having the four the pillars surrounding the handle grip prevents you from using the traditional grip for dumbbell triceps extensions (though you can work around this by gripping any two adjacent pillars). These are the premium dumbbell sets and the only one we could verify as being sold presently on the Powerblock … 2.5 lbs. The weight of a PowerBlock Elite can be adjusted by moving the weight selector pin from one weight to another. The upside of this is that you have a much bigger variety of options from which to choose, compared to the Ironmasters. The PowerBlock Elite makes it possible to lift up to 90 pounds in a single dumbbell. I’m assuming that’ll be mentioned in the documentation when mine arrives, but, regardless, THANKS again for this page. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of PowerBlock and save up to 15% when making purchase at checkout. However, the heavier it gets, the wider it becomes, making it awkward to handle at very heavy weights. Gym membership for one year is 200 euro and to have some basic equippment i need cable mashine, witxhh is something big. Is there problem with the balance? The PowerBlock Pro is step above all of these because it has urethane-coated plates that make it more durable (shock absorbent) and quieter (no metal-on-metal noise). Please contact your local store via phone, chat, or visit us in store to check inventory and complete your purchase. Could you please give me some input on these points? As such, the Pro 50 has every 2.5-pound increment from 2.5 pounds on up to 50, with no breaks: - 2.5# (just hold an adder like a dumbbell) - 5# (the handle by itself without any adders) Note that you don't necessarily have to buy the heaviest version of the model (Stage 3) right away. As you likely guessed from its name, the PowerBlock Classic series was the first in this line of block dumbbells sets. Featuring a patented selector pin for easy adjustment, the set adapts like a selector stack machine you’d see at the gym. As an aside, PowerBlock, Inc. does make another dedicated adjustable kettlebell system: Until Fall of 2019, PowerBlock also made the KettleBlock 20 (increments of 5, 8, 12, 16 and 20 lbs) and the KettleBlock 40 (increments of 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 lbs). No negative issues. I started this website back in late 2009 during college, and it has been my pet project ever since. This Powerblock adjustable dumbbells review, for pour number one pick, covers the Classic or Elite dumbbells sets. PowerBlock Pro 50 (1-23 KG). for lack of a better description, it was essentially a controlled drop. In the event that 50 pounds isn't enough, there's the option to purchase a 70 to 90-pound extension kit. Put differently, they aren't meant to be dropped or thrown around all willy-nilly. Also, its materials and features are similar. Different models have different max weight capacities. The only real difference is the colors. I hope of hearing from you soon! reason for getting them at the time is so when I didn’t have time to go to the gym I could still get in a workout at home. The Elite EXP has the “auto lock” feature (as does the PowerBlock EXP, Sport EXP and Pro EXP), whereas the Elite USA does not. The Elite 5-50 is 12″L x6″ W x 6″ H at 50 lbs, vs. the U90 Stage 1, which is 12.5″ L x 7″ W x 7.25″ H at 50 lbs. I’m looking to purchase them during the holidays while they have a sale. It's the Pro 175 Commercial Set and it can go all the way up to 175 lbs. The open handle design, plus the auto lock adjustment make for a slightly more comfortable and easier to use experience. Amazon Reviews. EXP means expandable and you can expand this set later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs with optional expansion kits. In terms of durability, you have nothing to worry about. It’s the same dimensions, fixtures and tooling. Weight is increased or decreased with the help of two selector pins in the handle that securely lock the chosen weight into place. Well worth it in my opinion. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell has a weight range of 5-50 lbs and replaces 16 dumbbells in the space of 1. Sono interessato a comprare i manubri powerblock da 70 libbre , indeciso tra la serie elite e la pro. To help you decide which dumbbell to get, then let this unbiased review spread the facts in front of you so that you can make the right decision on which dumbbell to purchase. I have another question. Extensions can be bought to bring the total weight up to 70, or, 90 pounds. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! I’m almost positive they didn’t include different stickers in my KettleBlock when I got it, and that they didn’t have any notes about it in its documentation. Find out why we thought they are so good and how they compare to other models in the power block adjustable dumbbells range.. The advanced design reduces clutter and substitutes nine pairs of dumbbells in the space of one. I have the Powerblock u-50 with expansions to 90. In the eyes of many, it is superior, but is it worth the extra expense? Required fields are marked *, Hey! Buy cheap POWERBLOCK 50 Set here.Read reviews, click here.Find great deals, discounts and offers on Fitness & Exercise at Offerja Canada. Additionally, there are 3 weight benches available: PowerBlock Sport Bench shown above with Optional Dip and Pull Up Attachments, PowerBlock Travel Bench shown above unfolded for use, and folded for easy transport and storage, PowerBlock PowerBench shown in flat and incline positions. hi Alex, thanks for the thorough review. I would greatly appreciate it. The Elite 50 and 90 adjustable dumbbells are compatible with PowerBlock’s Large Column Stand and Compact Weight Stand, while the Elite 90 can be paired with either the Large Column Stand or the Large Compact Weight Stand. Featuring a patented selector pin for easy adjustment, the set adapts like a selector stack machine you’d see at the gym. In my country the lrice is around 800 euro and ita very expensive. For me, the only clear victory that traditional dumbbells hold over a set of PowerBlocks comes in the form of pricing. Since 2007, my wife and I have owned and operated a personal training company, Kennedy Fitness, and we've chosen to exclusively use PowerBlock dumbbells both for our clients and for our own personal use at home. And it shows that both options will cost you several hundred dollars -- not cheap for sure, but definitely an investment that will pay off if you're serious about training. PowerBlock has confidence in the quality of its products. Note: My favorite adjustable kettlebell is the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell, which I review here. Powerblock Elite Dumbbells got 1193 reviews with 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, now you can guess how much people are liking this product. This, in my opinion, is the greatest benefit these dumbbells have over the Ironmaster set. I am regular follower of Beach Body workouts (P90x, Lift4, body beast etc..). And so I will generally lump them together and talk about them as a whole. Yeah I’m loving it all so far. Thank you in advice! PowerBlock 50 is not expandable. Nevertheless, these work perfectly and still do not look too bad either. So here’s what I’m wondering: Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PowerBlock Elite 50 Stage 2 50 to 70lbs Expansion Kit at So, I reached out to PowerBlock to get their input on how the grips hold up over several years. The Sport features rounded tops, which gives it the appearance of a more traditional dumbbell. Made me wonder of they did it to make sure as to not be associated with what rainbows are commonly associated with these days! The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells feature a similar design to what the brand’s devotees have come to expect, maintaining the block design from which the manufacturer takes its name. At 6 inches in height, the Elite 50 is a little on the tall side, but it actually comes in at shorter than most alternative hexagonal dumbbells. 3 Possible Settings – PowerBlock Exp dumbbells can be used in 3 possible different settings: 50 pound set, 70 pound set & 90 pound set. Product was as advertised and arrived on time and in good condition. For those with a particularly large collection of adjustable dumbbells, the manufacturer offers the PowerBlock PowerStation. We're talking about a total cost of over $2000 after shipping. Powerblock vs. So basically, you’d have it sent to a parcel forwarding service with a US address, and that service would use their logistics, to ship it to you in Singapore. Hi Samuel, great questions. does the open bar style have any cons? Wij voeren een breed assortiment powerblocks met diverse gewichten. PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells are, by and large, the best adjustable dumbbells currently available. I consider it a worthwhile purchase for dedicated fitness freaks who have the space and money to spare. Awesome. …This is why the KettleBlock sticker chart shows increments of 5 lbs for the first 4 colors (i.e. The curl bar completed my set!!!! I actually found your other post as well, which includes pictures for the weight charts for both bars. They are sure to turn your head when you see them and you might not even recognise them as Great question, Alexander. While I definitely was attracted to that feature, I wasn’t willing to pay the higher price. Hopefully my PowerBlock dumbbells review has helped you to decide if this is the right adjustable dumbbell system for you. You can see my EZ curl and straight bars below, with the full Pro EXP Stage 3 weight stack on each bar: Here's my EZ-curl bar with the total max weight of 190 lbs! I found this image helpful image that shows a good comparison (the PowerBlock model appears to be the Elite set — all dumbbells shown are 35 lbs). After spending our whole lives seeing those colors in the order of red- orange- yellow- green- blue etc it looks kind of off and ‘wrong’ with PowerBlock’s color ordering being what it is. PowerBlock Reviews 379 • Great . This makes them perfect for long sessions of weight training. You’re very welcome, Majid. My Kettleblock Handle hasn’t arrived yet due to a stock issue that’s now been resolved and it’ll be here soon, so I came back here today to see what this page had to say about it and I’m glad I did. Also comparing the 50lb non-exp versions of the two — they (black and red Powerblocks) are cheaper than the gray Powerblock Sports on every website. PowerBlock EXP Review Conclusion. Product Reviews / POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley; 0. Bought a stand for the U90’s which makes it so much more convenient to get at them/change weight amounts. It am going to use them in home so space limit is something. The owner of this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All images courtesy of Amazon. Once 50 lbs are not enough for you, you can upgrade to Stage 2. It doesn't cover obvious things like misuse or abuse, which includes (among other things) damage from dropping the dumbbells from 12 inches or higher (or 6 inches or higher for some models). I hope you were able decide which (if any) of the PowerBlock dumbbell sets is right for you. Shop Pro Compare . Both the PowerBlock dumbbells and the Ironmaster dumbbells are NOT cheap products. And it is MUCH more expensive than even the most expensive home-use dumbbell sets. Can you advise where the different Powerblock dumbbells rank in terms of overall build quality and durability? The innovative and beautifully crafted PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set, 5 to 50 Pounds per Dumbbell set is changing the game of at-home workouts.Their unique design, compact, adjustability, and high reviews have helped make it one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.But are these top rated adjustable dumbbells worth the money? Here's my KettleBlock with the recommended max weight of 55 lbs. If you compare the PowerBlock Classic 50 to the PowerBlock Elite 50, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the former is adjusted in 5-pound increments. Unlike the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell system, the PowerBlocks don't come standard with a dumbbell stand. Just because the dumbbells will likely survive a drop, that doesn't mean it always will. Have fun with the KettleBlock handle and EZ curl bar. Write a review. It is a pity that when something happens like breaking urethane connections at plates on U50 you cannot get replacement plates to repair the set . This Urethane Series included the U-90 dumbbells, which went all the way up to 125 lbs with the U-90 Stage 4 Set. You were so detailed and patient. The dumbbells have all the colors of the rainbow showing brightly on the sides of the weight block to indicate the weight. It's important to note that the KettleBlock handle only works with the Pro 50 and Pro EXP sets (as well as the now-discontinued Urethane U70 sets and the U90 sets). The PowerBlock Elite 70 and 90 also require only minimal space. The rectangular profile is a bit unusual, but it only inhibits a few movements and for what it lacks in that area, makes up for it in durability and value. Perche se ci fosse la minima possibilità a questo punto opterei per la serie elite….. io sono alto 1.70 , mano piccola e avambracci nella norma , non dovrei preoccuparmi della impugnatura chiusa ? It's likely way out of the price range for most people--As such, I chose not to highlight it or make it my top choice (though I'd love to own it!). I’m in the market for a set of PowerBlocks and keep going back and forth between the Pro EXP 90’s and Pro commercial 90’s. If you have particularly large hands or wrists you might want to consider going with a more traditional dumbbell set. PowerBlocks are adjustable dumbbells that are simple to use. Instead they sell the Powerblock sport version. Luckily, you can snag the Large PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand for a relatively low price. The Classic 50 has a minimum weight of 10 lbs, whereas its Elite counterpart features a minimum weight of 5 lbs. It goes all the way up to 90 lbs per dumbbell. Once you get used to it, the entire process should take you no more than a couple of seconds. First off, the Pro Series has a 5 year warranty (and even if it’s beyond that, PowerBlock is really good with being fair with their customers for any issues). I am inclined towards PowerBlock EXP stage 2. I own the previous version of the EZ curl bar. I guess I have no other choice for now but to go with the newer models. On the Elite 50, weight can be adjusted in 2.5-pound increments, which makes for well over a dozen weights in a single unit. So, I now have first hand experience with both of these leading adjustable dumbbell systems. Compare Prices, Find Deals & Discount Codes & Read Reviews Before You Buy. In this post, I’ll note my own personal experience with the PowerBlocks having used them for the past two years including a review of the features, a look at the different models available, benefits, disadvantages, and most important of all, whether the PowerBlocks are worth the price. If it is the case then why do they not sell those Powerblocks on My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! Rapid adjustment is an essential feature for you if you plan on doing a lot of supersetting or some type of cross training (or if you're just really impatient). I too am a fan of knurled dumbbells, but when I was buying mine, I saw they had the knurled Pro 90 commercial set. Thanks for the thorough response, Alex. Adding and removing weight is markedly less time-consuming with a PowerBlock than it is with a traditional dumbbell. The Pro EXP weight blocks are coated in urethane. i’m just putting together my home gym. The balance is slightly altered by the adder weight configuration, though it’s only something you’d really be able to feel at much lower weights if you’re very sensitive to it. Based on you review i chose to buy powerblock pro EXP Level 2. Hi Jack, yes it would be a good idea to change the habit of dropping dumbbells if you go for the PowerBlocks.

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