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trex decking near me

In addition, we are able to service our customers with resources available exclusively to their top contractors. When cleaning your Trex deck, clear everything off the deck. Learn where to buy composite decking and the supplies you need to complete your new premium Trex Deck. “Trex Pergola Air,” as the name suggests, is a sleeker option than others, providing less overhead cover and more retractable options. Trex Enhance has comparative pricing to cedar, but by and large, it will be less expensive than many composite decking lines. See more of our work in the Chicagoland suburbs here. Additionally, moisture that sits on it for months (i.e. that would otherwise end up in landfills. Specialization – Platinum Decking only builds decks allowing which allows crews to master the art of deck building. # 1-grade lumber, in contrast, has tight restrictions on knots. What’s more, Trex products improve the look of your home, and they grow the value. Leapfrogging off of utilities – the use of electricity is a big win thanks to Trex RainEscape. HomeAdvisor is the simplest way to find and book composite deck contractors near you. Patios, however, have graduated from your grandmother’s concrete slab. Norske Tools NCSBP226 7-1/4 inch x 48T Composite Decking (Trex) and Bamboo Decking Saw Blade 5/8 inch Bore with Diamond Knockout Japanese Steel. Use soap in the wash and, if possible, use salt water – hard water minerals may leave residue. Would highly recommend this business. Trex authorized dealers and TrexPro ® deck installers are independently owned and operated, and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of Trex Company, Inc. Trex Company makes no representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. For more information visit this page on the TREX website: https://www.trex.com/why-trex/eco-friendly-decking/. If you search “deck contractors near me” in any of the following areas, Platinum Decking is honored and able to build your new deck. There are many levels of decision making involved when it comes to what part of your home needs investing. The simplest answer is if your deck was built right and you maintain it properly as recommended, on average you should see about 15 years out of your deck. A new deck build will not only return its investment but will increase a property's living space potential as well, bringing the living outdoors. What is Trex composite capped decking? This is commonly used on pathways, landscape borders, and patio slabs for an upgraded cost-friendly look. "I'm looking for a quote to build a new composite deck in Barrington". This may be a consideration for homeowners with a second or third story deck, that use the space below for entertainment. Thirdly, if well-maintained annually, the deck can last up to 15 years without failing boards or popping screws. The first is redefining the deck contracting experience and delivering a super product. Trex deck boards also weigh about 50-60% less than wood which makes it easy to work with for DIY deck builders or can help keep the labor cost low for professional deck contractors. From mixing colors of decking to custom inlays, curved railing to benches, privacy walls, and more, Trex can do it. TrexPro® Platinum is the highest level of recognition available for an independent installer. Kiln-drying is the practice of using a specialized drying chamber to control the temperature, humidity, and amount of air lumber receives during the drying process. The answer to this question will be provided assuming the concept of lasting is being used in relation to not rotting, disintegrating, or falling apart. . Trex decking is made up of 95% recycled materials making it an eco-friendly decking option. Click here to read more about how to keep your Trex deck looking like new! Would definitely work with them again. This area needs to be dry, no matter what the weather is – but with a deck and its openings overhead, how do you achieve this? Google Review- If anyone needs a deck, this is the company to use. The lower tiers that Trex offers, Select and Enhance, still offer scratch protection. Some reviews have mentioned them to be a bit pricier compared to other but they still fall within range of other decking companies when you compare quotes. Trex composite boards are coated on 3 sides with a sealant that protects the board from moisture, stains, scratches and more. Item #1217529 Model #CS010612E2G01 Met our deck builders and executive team! Wood is the traditional material most decks originally were made of and many continue to prefer. We work closely with The Home Depot Pro Desk to build the highest quality decks. There are now many ways to do a patio in a more modern, appealing fashion that will bring any outdoor space to the next level. ... we believe Trex Composite Decks are not only a smart financial investment — Trex’s unparalleled beauty and design will empower you to enjoy your backyard like never before. That being said, existing deck framing and joists are perfectly usable to resurface with Trex decking - as long as the framework is stable and in a suitable condition. A question to answer a question: if you are a homeowner with hardwood floors, does it drive you crazy when you notice a scratch? If you are moving soon a new Trex deck will add value to your home be a huge selling point. It’s tough to say how long it will take to build your deck, based on all factors being taken into account. Hiring a deck contractor can be a daunting task if you’re not sure of the qualities that are important to look for. I needed to construct a new deck to replace an old and unstable deck. Each wood deck we’ve built for our clients has turned out beautifully and was executed properly with maximum durability in mind. This prevents mildew or mold growth that can develop over time. Trex authorized dealers and TrexPro® deck installers are independently owned and operated, and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of Trex Company, Inc. Trex Company makes no representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. That being said, someone who specializes in deck building will naturally provide a more polished experience for you, as well as an expert-quality finished project. Sunday: 7:00AM- 7:00PM, 18290 W Springwood Ln, Grayslake, IL 60030, 26090 Twin Pond Rd, Lake Barrington, IL 60010, 947 W Hidden Hills Ln, Palatine, IL, 60067, Google Review- If anyone needs a deck, this is the company to. We emphasize using a plastic shovel, not a metal one. Spend more time relaxing on your deck instead of working on it. We have a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and full workers compensation insurance. Each wood deck we’ve built for our clients has turned out beautifully and was executed properly with maximum durability in mind. A deck pergola can be an excellent addition to your new deck in the Chicagoland area. However, you should keep the level (color) of the power washer on its lowest. Stocked in more than 6,000 retail locations worldwide, Trex outdoor living products offer a wide range of style options with fewer ongoing maintenance requirements than wood, as well as a truly environmentally responsible choice. Came across Platinum decking based on the detailed reviews given by costumers and clearly they were correct ! Since we opened our doors, we have been pleased to offer our customers the full line of TimberTech decking products as our main composite decking. Trex was the first to invent the wood-alternative decking category. Also, there are boards built for climate-specific regions that have more or less seasonal extremes. Home Depot Deck Builder Near Me. Platinum Decking is also hiring employees in the greater Barrington and Lake Zurich area. With Chicago weather, wood decks are not lasting as long as homeowners would like. Home Depot Pro Review– Extremely impressed with Platinum Decking from start to finish. Whether it’s a simple patio to sip coffee on or a grand space for friends and family to love and enjoy, installing RainEscape will give you the ability to add whatever features you want with the peace of mind. A deck built by Platinum Decking or Platinum Decking Naperville, will enable to you enjoy your outdoor living area for 25+ years. As a Chicagoland deck builder, we are always getting questions about snow removal. The uncertainty lies within whether the rest of the square footage of the deck around that enclosed area will also count. Now you are left with a deck you can’t entertain friends on, let alone space to grill. Platinum Decking is a Home Depot Deck builder and Home Depot Deck Designer. This is a tough question to ask your neighbors and tough for your local deck contractors to answer because, much like many other home improvement projects, decks can be unique in both size and features. Yes, Platinum Decking builds any kind of deck out of any material our client prefers. As you can imagine, the weather sometimes causes scheduling challenges. In addition to that, they’ve more than likely built strong relationships with their suppliers in the decking-specific trade, meaning negotiated pricing on materials. Trex composite is made of 95% recycled plastics and other recycled wood. Once everything is closed out, we will collect the remaining 50% of the project balance and explain our incredible referral program. Customer Service – Contracting is an industry not typically known for customer service. Some Trex owners wash every season, some only annually. Look for the TrexPro Platinum icon when you’re searching for an official TrexPro® deck installer. The anatomy of a deck consists of the footings, posts, beams, and joists. Love it. On the flip side, if an independent, subcontracted appraiser is inspecting the space, it is up to his or her judgment call. We are doing everything in our power to keep our customers and team members safe. A deck built from scratch will naturally take longer to complete than a resurface using the same frame as before. We will do an in-person design consultation to show you the Trex products and help give you all the backyard deck ideas we can. Real estate is one of the most valuable pieces of personal property one can own. When a contractor that provides a lot of varying services, it’s tough for the crews to become expert-level in one specific trade, such as decking building. Composite, however, is low-to-no maintenance. When thinking about the look and budget for your new outdoor deck, many homeowners consider cedar decking. Build your dream deck with Trex, the world's best high-performance composite decking brand. Secondly, this annual maintenance will cost money and time for the life of the deck. Yelp Review– Highly recommend! We are happy to suggest new deck ideas or help recommend ways to renew your existing deck. Platinum Decking is one of the only composite deck contractors in the Chicago suburbs who focuses on eco-friendly deck building. A Trex deck can actually increase the value of your home. Some brands will scratch if you aren’t careful; however, one industry consensus has been a very reliable, scratch-resistant product called Trex. On the contrary, a poorly-done deck or patio adds a burden of maintenance and leaves unused space. It was built in a timely matter. Composite Decking boards are a great modern deck board that are easy to install and lasts longer. At Platinum Decking we have a close partnership with Trex Decking. The remaining 50% is not paid until your project is completed. Timbertech Azek consists primarily of virgin plastic. It only makes sense that the framework holding up that decking lasts just as long. The same goes for the 50th time compared to the 5th. Across the surface of a large deck, this can weigh a lot potentially causing a structural issue. Every square inch of your property holds value. Not at all, if you install your deck with the right brand of composite material. Efficient, responsible and respectable employees. Unlike a traditional pressure treated wood deck or cedar deck,  Trex offers a wide variety of color selections that do not fade or stain for 25 years. Finally, a gutter is installed that runs down the house and into the backyard or area where the deck is ending, funneling the water out just as a house gutter would. A common downfall of pressure-treated deck boards is their requirement for maintenance over time. Platinum Decking has put together a list of home improvement stores in the Barrington area. Cost, timing, quality of craft and clean up was done as quoted. I found their customer service to be an amazing quality. When building a deck, you must always build the frame with pressure-treated lumber or steel. Although the chemicals applied to the boards is a sealant in itself, you do still need to annually or bi-annually seal the decking surface boards to maintain the properties that repel decay. This can help give you some deck ideas to really make your next outdoor living space stand out. Memorial day, labor day, the 4th of July, a neighboorhood BBQ, or just a warm day in Illinois, a Trex composite deck allows you to enjoy more time outside with the ones you love without the annual maintenance of a normal wood deck. An expert in the trade, a builder that focuses only on deck projects and nothing else will have an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience to bring to the table. As recommended, pressure treated boards need to be sealed or stained on an annual or bi-annual basis, which can cost thousands of dollars each time depending on size. If you have a dog or cat that also uses your deck, make sure to get a pet-friendly solution. Not only will the extended amount of time UV rays are beating down on the surface shorten the lifespan and durability but humidity will also be its worst enemy. Shop our variety of decking options for creating your outdoor living oasis! What type of deck, how large it is, and how well it’s maintained while waiting to close are all factors that can change its added value. When you do the same thing 5 times, you’re naturally going to be better at it the 5th than the 1st. There are two types of contractors when it comes to decks; the deck contractor who specializes in decks and centers their business entirely around that industry, or the general contractor that does an array of projects including a few decks a year. It is a ground-level deck. The first is when that snow melts, it will soak your pressure treated frame. In fact, maintaining its coloration is one of the main emphases of the manufacturer’s warranty. $21.84 $ 21. The deck is gorgeous. Competitive pricing, good communication, and quick work. The deck is gorgeous. In most cases, a deck will be the go-to option. Stamped concrete is poured concrete that is stamped with patterns made to look like rock or brick when dried. One of the most exciting decisions is picking the type of colors and deck design. Resistant to the elements, rotting, insect infestation, and any other natural cause of deterioration, composite boards are proven to last a minimum of 25-30 years – typically spanning much longer. Trex has built its brand off their exceptional warranty and service. Often times, property owners see the walls of their home and consider the space within that real estate’s optimal value. Building a deck within your outdoor space not only adds to the value of the home and property, but allows the optimal living space to be expanded. In this case, # 2-grade lumber will be your best option – you will never see its appearance, and the strength difference between #1 and #2 grades will not extend the life of your deck in any meaningful way. Take over the temperature. Platinum Decking your local deck builder, services homeowners outside of just Barrington. Without getting stuck in the weeds, the most important questions to consider revolve around value. As Midwest winter slowly (very, very slowly) gives way to spring, homeowners begin to emerge from their houses like bears from a cave. There are many different deck builders in the Chicago suburbs and unfortunately, the deck building industry is not always known for its customer service. The most important aspect of the pressurizing chemical treatment is the most effective way to avoid harmful rot and insects from affecting the wood but does not prevent weathering and corrosion. This ingenuity provides a unique and innovative way to take part in sustainable manufacturing. Platinum Decking- Your local Chicagoland Deck Builder, would like to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Houzz Review– We had an excellent experience working with Platinum Decking transforming our backyard into our new favorite part of the home. Lake Zurich Deck Builder, Platinum Decking Lake Zurich IL. To break down the logic behind why this matters, it comes down to expertise and quality of craftsmanship. As a Trex Pro Platinum builder, Trex extends a 10-year labor warranty for every Trex deck built by Platinum Decking. Work looks great and we are a happy customer! Neither will do well in Midwest weather over time. If you are interested in a job with Platinum Decking, Please check out our deck builder reviews at Indeed and Glassdoor! The boards after being treated with those chemicals are placed in a pressurized tank that removes the air pockets in the fibers of the boards and replaces it with the preservatives. Platinum Decking is also part of the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce,  Naperville Chamber,  Schaumburg Chamber and Wicker Park Chamber. TrexPro® deck installers are experienced with all Trex products and offer talented insight on the jobsite. They showed great attention to detail in both the design and aesthetics, but the stability. Or, are you needing a binding space to bring an otherwise awkward landscape together? It will only make you a smarter consumer if you can answer one key question before beginning your search: wood or composite? We will provide you with different levels of Trex decking, railings, and other unique additions to help fit within your budget. Professional, reliable and honest company. Trex composite decking is expected to last a home's lifetime. Home Depot Pro desk and Platinum Decking work together on a weekly basis. Secondly, cedar decking is cost-effective on the initial deck installation cost when compared to composite decking. The use of unique lights and placement can set your space apart from the rest. Only Trex® is engineered to eliminate time-consuming maintenance while providing superior scratch, fade and stain resistance. Difference Between Southern Pine and Douglas Fir, You can get other price breakdowns and comparative costs at, Those who answer yes are wise to consider what options they have when considering composite decking. Consider your options and take a look at all of the different models and features of Trex pergola before making your final design decisions. Although a contractor who does a few deck projects per year may provide a great product, there is the risk factor of less experience and expertise in deck building and design. The same can be said for products offered by Azek and TimberTech. As noted on their website, Trex runs through a few examples of how much of an impact just one composite deck can make on waste-management and the environment. Tag Archives: trex deck near me Azek & TimberTech Decking. Trex is considered the founder of the composite decking industry. The main reason composite decking reigns supreme is its ultra-durability; not only maintaining structure over time but also like-new coloration. Additionally, # 1-grade lumber is stronger than # 2-grade lumber. In summary, if the budget allows for kiln-dried pressure-treated lumber instead of regular, it is worth it. Platinum Decking is still open for business. In many cases, landscaping is a great compliment to your new Trex deck. composite decking is made of a mixture of wood and recycled plastics. A Trex composite deck is more than just a deck, it is a work of art. Consistent humid and hot weather will without a doubt cause the fibers of wood to break down much more quickly. After we design your project, we will present our proposal and explain all the different options in detail. It’s common that when a deck’s surface is due for a replacement, the structure it’s fastened to is also showing some wear and tear.

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