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rhetorical question about marriage

Malachi’s message was similar to that of Ezra and Nehemiah; but he alone focused on the pain all this caused and on the fact that God hates it. In the essay “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, the speaker uses satire to explain the absurdity of the expectations placed on a wife in 1970s America. So the message to the household of faith is clear: if you truly see how the marriage covenant fits the covenant God has made with his people, then you will marry within the faith and you will give all diligence to preserve that marriage come what may. It creates havoc with the society, violates the family, and spoils the covenant God loves. Now, however, Israel had profaned that holiness and made themselves common. The expression “wife of your youth” should be understood as “youthful wife,” the wife the man married when he was young and full of love and devotion and ambition and plans. It seems that no one can come to a common agreement on the legitimacy of these topics. Perhaps with the reference to the “tents” we can get the idea of watchmen at either end of the camp, one calling out and the other answering. The intended purpose of the text is to promote the new wave of feminist ideologies. A divorce, according to his word, is the breaking of a covenant, a falling short of the standard of God, and a serious and painful complication of life that seems never to go away. God wanted a nation; he could have chosen and formed others, or more. 0 0. Perhaps a better view is that the “one” refers to the nation of Israel, the covenant people. He is the author of Introducing Biblical Hebrew and Grammar, Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus, Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposit... More, 1. IF two people were in fact cut off from civilization, God would be working out many things with them outside of His sacraments, and would judge them on the knowledge they had, and lacked through no fault of their own. An example is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Only in the strictest of religious settings. Do you think that, if they had little hope of ever being rescued from their predicament, they decided to go ahead and have relations, would they be guilty of fornication? The idea of being “cut off” needs some explanation. They, of course, might choose to take their chances and rely on God understanding their predicament and intentions, but His work outside of the sacraments is a mystery, while His work within the sacraments is dogma. In fact, the first sign that his hands performed was at a bridal festival where he turned the water into wine for the joyous celebrations to continue. It was a proud challenge to “his view.” They thought that if they did the worship routine well enough and gave to the sanctuary, they would be highly favored in the courts of heaven. If ALL marriages are same sex, will the human species become extinct in one to two generations? 4 d. NO under no circumstances, what if they didn't like sex? Rhetorical questions usually either have obvious answers, no answers, or does not require an answer.Here are some examples: Rhetorical Question A question, not intended to elicit an audible answer, but designed to stimulate thinking, add emphasis, make an important point, or move listeners to reason on a matter. It accords with the dictates of nature and the laws of divine inspiration. Why did he choose one nation, Israel? The brook provided water, as the text explains, so that people became dependent on it. What we have in the book is a number of his messages; we have them because they are part of the divine revelation of God and timeless in their relevance. For official apologetics resources please visit. Add/Delete/Edit your Emergency (caregiver) contact. However, the greatest question is why she wanted to have a wife. Their woe rose to God with such intensity that God no longer could regard (give attention to) the offerings brought by the men. They were bound together as one in the eyes of God. Examples and Observations "Something [rhetorical] questions all have in common . Marriage is not a piece of paper, wedding, or ring. Leaving a question lingering in the air will allow the reader to spend further time in contemplation. She was not only the wife of his youth, but his comrade, his partner. But a sin, or even an embarrassment? Best to trust in dogma in this case. So, in effect the men covered the altar with tears and sighing--not their tears, for they were cavalier about it all and thought God was pleased with their gifts, but with their wives’ tears, because by causing the pain the men were actually presenting their wives’ grief to God and not a sacrifice. Her narration evokes feelings based on her reasoning towards marriage. To him it was a blessed estate, and so he clothed it with honor and sublimity. 34:11 and Deut. This view has the support of the book that presents the nation as the creation of God. We pray for something, but our sins cry out for something else, and the prayer is hindered. These are just two examples of 'rhetorical devices' and there are plenty more where they came from. The picture is painted dramatically. The word for “treachery” here means a willful betrayal of confidence, trust or truth. The covenant agreement of a marriage is to be based on loyal love, characterized by the protection and care of the partners, and dedicated to producing righteous, believing children that God may provide. Introduction Marriage is an institution of God. twinkie =) 1 decade ago. That rhetorical question was a method used to get someone to understand perspective and put ideas in context. They cannot get validly married in that scenario, for although they technically administer the sacrament to one another, a priest and witnesses must be present. Job’s friends are described as treacherous as a brook. a question that is not asked in order to receive an answer from the audience or reader Marrying an idolatrous woman was one thing; but dumping a legitimate wife for her is another. Answer Save. Indeed, God sees and knows all. And it's even rhetorical! Marriage is a social institution. I'm trying to be purely logical, or if I can't, then telling the other person that I'm just in rebound-mode. He hates it when they destroy their marriages, because he knows the pain that will cause, and the effect that will have on the faith for the future. In the earlier days when people heard the Word of the LORD they trembled and listened; but in Malachi’s day when they heard the Word they challenged it. This is a reasonable question, but it appears to be an easy rhetorical question (eliciting an answer of “No!”) only because it obscures two very important factors. No passage in the Bible deals with all the details of marriage and divorce. Just as man was not made for the Sabbath, neither was man made for the Sacraments. - i swear someone just asked that question on yahoo a … Formally or informally, marriages were dissolved, because all these sins in one way or another affected the family. The overall forgiveness process is the same: cleaning, healing, scar removal. Best to trust in dogma in this case. A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question, which are not asked to get answers but to present a point more effectively. Some may find that it is too late, because they have lived through a failed marriage and there is no going back. Their replacing the garment of marriage, their vows of love and devotion to their wives, with acts of social abuse and emotional and even physical violence, God hated as well. A rhetorical question about gay marriage maybe, "why do some still oppose gay marriage?" It accords with the dictates of nature and the laws of divine inspiration. They must understand its purpose if they are going to preserve it. It is an attempt to gloss over the sin, to salve the conscience, and to appear faithful to the community. But in this modern day and age, no one is pressured into an arranged marriage. It is a way of adding style to your essay.. We do, however, know if/when He works sacramentally. She makes her audience think of the need for marriage. When “hate” is used in contrast to “love” in passages, as it is in Malachi 1, it has the sense of “reject” and love would have the sense of “choose.” But when the word is used separately, as it is in this particular passage, it adds the idea of “to detest, abhor” to the rejection. For marriage to be “holy” matrimony, it must be pleasing to God; and to develop this there must be a real giving of soul to soul in the Lord, so that the husband and wife truly belong to one another, and truly see their marriage as service to God. the rhetorical question should be about if we are born with our identity or not. -it is effective because it confronts the issue of having a perfect wife with a satirical tone; she is emphasizing that the wife she described is the stereotypical (perfect) wife because she is not equal to her husband and is below him To agree to live together as man and wife is a covenant, and God is the witness. He mentioned Israel, Judah, and Jerusalem in order. The final section is clearly set off as a warning for those who are in a marriage. Child marriage is known to take place across a wide range of communities, ethnicities and religions. The first verse affirms the principle by rhetorical question that they had one father who created them; and the second half expresses the prophet’s amazement over their violation of the covenant. This was very harsh language; the sin must have had greater implications than, say, a couple not getting along and divorcing. During the 1580s English printer Henry Denham invented the ‘rhetorical question mark’ (؟)to be used at the end of a rhetorical question. To do this, then, was to dishonor God and act faithlessly against fellow members of the covenant. Did they not learn from their history and their exile? As we shall see in these first three verses Malachi was actually condemning intermarriage with pagans; and these intermarriages gave the occasion for the divorces. It cannot be ignored, because it stands there as a witness. This word for violence is a word for social injustice. RHETORICAL QUESTION AND THEIR ANSWERS IN ROMANS RHETORICAL QUESTION: “What shall we say then? 3 Answers. Gay marriage will not renew marriage’s central public role because committed, loving gays and lesbians intend to abide by the same principles on which the institution of marriage … Share patient's GPS location with designated Emergency contact. --to produce a godly seed in the earth. Rhetorical questions are a Rhetorical questions are a great way to achieve that. Support for this view comes from the fact that the Lord loves Zion (Ps. To God, however, divorce is a sin, no matter what the causes or circumstances, or who is the guilty party or who is the innocent party. They had been told by the prophet that God was rejecting their worship; but their response was not fear and repentance. 3:7). The wives who had been put away were in great mourning and anguish. The sin is introduced as a “treachery” before the sin is defined. Both violate the covenant and bring pain to God, but the latter causes great pain to the women who were put away. A rhetorical question is one for which the questioner does not expect a direct answer: in many cases it may be intended to start a discourse, or as a means of displaying the speaker's or author's opinion on a topic.. A common example is the question "Can't you do anything right?" Here were men, calloused and less than loyal to the historic faith, coming to the sanctuary with their impressive gifts of dedication and thanksgiving. They shared everything together, grief and joys, successes and failures, hard times and good times. Argument Analysis on Gay Marriage There are many controversies surrounding today's world, such as abortion, animal testing, and social reform issues. He ratified its contract; he guarded its obligations; he expounded its laws; and he graced its celebration with his presence. Third, Malachi begins his book on the fact that God loves Israel. The two sins here are inseparably bound together, but the prophet turns his attention now to the treachery on the personal level. 2:3; Deut. Here’s a quick and simple definition:Some additional key details about rhetorical questions: 1. Rhetorical Analysis On Gay Marriage. Marriage is an institution of God. Read this useful list of other common rhetorical devices and boost your rhetoric! She has been featured in hundreds of media venues, including The New York Times, The 700 Club, Power Women, Daystar Television, and others. But in this modern day and age, no one is pressured into an arranged marriage. Spiritual unity should have existed because they had a close relationship with God and with one another by means of the covenant. For example, he says, the “mothers instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants” (Swift, 831). He takes them back to the marriage of their youth, a marriage covenant that God himself witnessed, and so one signed and sealed in heaven. This kind of gift was not usually a blood sacrifice, but a gift of foods and produce. 7:1-4). These heightened the boldness of the sin--it was no marginal problem of people who had no biblical training; it was in the very center of the political and religious community. And when the family serenity and unity is destroyed, the spiritual life and worship falls as well. A rhetorical analysis of the essay can provide an effective understanding of Brady’s mind in narration. But he chose one wife for one man. Sorry to detract from the thread, but unless I am misreading what you wrote or intended to convey, it seems odd to say that an omniscient God might not understand something, including a person’s intentions. It accords with the dictates of nature and the laws of divine inspiration. But by focusing on one as the means of bringing blessing to the world, he would form a righteous people on earth. 78:68; 87:2) and prohibits idolatry from the sanctuary. The general statement is given first: “the man who does this.” Then the specifics: “him that wakes and him that answers.” There are many suggested interpretations for this difficult phrase. In either case, if some other priest or deacon who can be present is available, he must be called and be present at the celebration of the marriage together with the witnesses, without prejudice to the validity of the marriage before witnesses only. Writers love to prompt further thinking and reflection. The support for this view is a little more convincing. Ultimately, it is about your happiness. If His Church decrees that there must be a witness, then I would not assume I could be validly married without one. Rhetorical Questions in Literature. Marriage is not a piece of paper, wedding, or ring. But now, these women were being cast aside as an old garment for something new and fresh and exciting, but thoroughly pagan. To give this gift along with the blood sacrifice would be the way to indicate gratitude for God’s provision and dedication of life to his service. Their tears were what God saw, not the offerings of their husbands. Sex without that is sin. The answer to the peoples’ question was a stinging answer from the prophet. Several passages use covenant language for marriage: Proverbs 2:17; Ezekiel 16:7 (applying it to God and the nation); Ruth 4:11 (witnessed by the community) and Genesis 24:60 (based on love and faithfulness). These are figures of speech (metonymies of subject, meaning the people in these areas). But this is what we are seeing today, people entering all kinds of religious service with new marriages, never having admitted, let alone confessed, that there has been sin. And indeed, that possible confusion surfaced as gleaned from this second reply: “A minor point but I thought a rhetorical question is one that doesn't require an answer. One who is treacherous is a traitor, unreliable and disloyal; and a traitor is dangerous. No marriage is perfect. 4:22; Deut. ... We went to marriage counseling and it helped a lot. In this type, the rhetorical question is viewed as a rhetorical affirmation, in which another question is asked with an intention to express obviousness or certainty of a situation. bulltaker. In the Jewish writings the verb came to mean “act violently, faithlessly, and rebel.” So the people had been unfaithful to God, traitors to the covenant. Dr Ross joined the faculty of Beeson Divinity School in 2002 as Beeson Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew. Oh, it is regarded as a tragedy, certainly a stressful experience, and a failure on some level. She was not a servant or a slave; she was a partner.

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